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Minerva Conway 
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Post Minerva Conway
Personal Log, Minerva Conway, [[3 Days before arrival at Minoru]], SB-375.
I'll be heading out to the Antares Shipyards in a couple of days, where I'll board the Minoru. I thought I'd be heading out tomorrow, but it seems the vessel requires some unexpected maintenance.

In the meantime, I'm filling out form after endless form here, making sure that my medical information is correct in the databases, and all of my legal documents are up to date- including my will, which was a little creepy, and didn't exactly feel optimistic. I have it set up to benefit Erin's brother's kids- Rodney and Madison, and explaining to the Ensign on duty why I was leaving my assets to people I wasn't related to took a lot longer than it should have. What, Starfleet's never run across that before? Or maybe it was just that kid. Anyway, I can appreciate due diligence and I'm all in favor of Starfleet being double-checking medical records and all, but really, some of this just feels like busywork.

I never thought I'd be able to feel trapped aboard a space station. I'm finally out here, I'm about to start the job I've been working towards for almost a decade, and I feel like I'm Madison's hamster, running on its wheel, never realizing it isn't going anywhere. I'm sure it's just nerves, and I don't think it shows when I'm around other people. But I should be excited, right? I mean, I may be a lot older than most officers getting their first ship assignment, but it's all still just as new to me as it would be to any 24 year old kid.

I have a bunch of letters to answer- two students, a classmate, and a co-worker from the Academy, who just wants to hear about what the guys on board the Minoru look like. Like I'd be the one to ask. But I suppose it could be a good way to spend the evening. Might help me get my concentration back, too- I keep having moments where I blink, and suddenly realize I've spent the last few minutes staring out at the stars. Thankfully, as a full Lieutenant, I rate my own quarters, so at least I only look like an idiot in front of myself. I'm sure I'll be fine once I get to the Minoru, this is just a normal case of the jitters. I've counseled hundreds of students through things just like this.

I guess I was bound to have a reaction to leaving everything I knew for an entirely new life. I really hope this is it. Conway out.

Lieutenant Minerva Conway
Chief Counselor, USS Minoru

Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:21 pm
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Personal Log [[Mission 1, Day 1, 1130]] Minerva's Quarters

My first away mission and I can't find my spare tricorder, blasted diagnostics, why can't anything work right when I actually need it to?

Anyway, due in the transporter room in a matter of minutes, presumably with a working- ah, there it is. Tricorder, anyway, yes, yes, thank you, "Diagnostic Starting"- I can see that, okay.

So. There I was, sleeping and therefore presumably minding my own business, though I wish those rumors about empaths and dreams would die down already. And we went to Yellow Alert, and I had to run down to Engineering with a medkit on not enough sleep- Personal Note, Urgent: Reassess which shift I should be assigned to. Right now.

Standing around Engineering for three hours with nothing to do was about as exciting as it sounds, though an Academy-fresh ensign did get overexcited and smashed a finger. So I was almost useful, for about thirty seconds.

But then the bridge call came, and now I'm on my way to the transporter room, and did I lose a pip in the corridor or- oh, no, right, here it is.

The nice thing about the shift was that I was able to actually wake up- though listening to this later, I may rethink that. I'm not sleepy anymore, at least, and my hands are steady.

All right then. "Diagnostic Complete." Thank you. Time to go.

::audible breath::

Calm, professional, collected. Right. Here we go.
Conway out.

Lieutenant Minerva Conway
Chief Counselor, USS Minoru

Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:06 am
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