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Crew Biography - "Anna Marie" Thfff!krt

Vital Information

Name: "Anna Marie" Thfff!krt
Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
Position: Captain's Yeoman
Age: 36
Gender: Mobile
Species: Ktrr!k!t

Physical Description

"Anna" is a member of the Ktrr!k!t, an insect-like species from the planet K!t (which translates as "Dirt"). Her central body mass is roughly four feet long, and when her (six) legs are fully extended she stands roughly five feet tall. She has two smaller arms with delicate manpulators plus a third 'gripping' arm. Her exoskeleton is a ruddy reddish-brown color. In terms of gender, she is at the 'mobile' stage of her species' life cycle and is, depending on how the concept is translated, either both male and female or neither. While on duty, she wears a utility vest that covers most of her body and has numerous pockets for holding PADDs and other useful items. Her species is capable of eating most standard foodstuffs used aboard humanoid-majority vessels.


Anna is an excellent organizer and has great attention to detail. She keeps her personal space neat and tidy at all times. Her hobbies include roller skating, tap dancing, pottery, and wood carving.


"Anna Marie" Thfff!krt is from the planet K!t, a relatively new member of the Federation. As recently as 2290 her species had only just invented spaceflight, but following an incident involving a Pakled freighter contact was established by the Federation and shortly thereafter they began the admittance processess. Anna's generation was the first to send members to join Starfleet. Her use-name was chosen with the help of a fellow recruit once it became clear that most humanoids are incapable of pronouncing her actual name, or indeed most words of her language. She herself can manage a decent if odd rendition of most Standard words, but prefers to use the UT in order to fully incorporate meanings of body gestures. Since joining Starfleet, she has served as an administrative specialist on numerous ships, stations, and staffs.

Service Record

  • 2363 - Crewman Recruit - Starfleet Training School
  • 2365 - Crewman Apprentice - Science Dept Administrative Aide, USS Sehlat NCC-40311
  • 2370 - Petty Officer 3rd Class - Communications Liason, Starbase 214
  • 2374 - Petty Officer 3rd Class - Administrative Aide, 3rd Fleet Staff
  • 2380 - Petty Officer 2nd Class - Captain's Yeoman, USS Setlik NCC-70400
  • 2386 - Petty Officer 1st Class - Captain's Yeoman, USS Minoru NCC-64306
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