USS Minoru

Simm Year: 2386
Simm Rating: PG-13

"A weapon is a device for making your enemy change his mind."
-- Adm. Aral Vorkosigan

With the Dominion War ten years in the past, Starfleet has largely recovered from its losses and is once more focusing on exploratory efforts. The star-dense space to core-ward is particularly promising. However, it's also rapidly becoming the Federation's most unstable frontier. The Romulan Empire is also intent on exploring this area, and while technically still allies their interests don't always coincide with those of the Federation. The Breen are also on the prowl again, intent on settling old grudges. As if that wasn't enough, the Typhon and Taevon Expanses are located here, two areas of space notorious for the number of ships that enter and are never seen again. Despite these difficulties, Starfleet is determined to both keep the peace and explore this uncharted region.

Enter the USS Minoru, an Akira-class heavy cruiser. Officially her mission is one of peaceful exploration into the corridor between Romulan and Breen space; unofficially, she's a troubleshooter, carrying more armament than the average starship but more scientific facilities than pure warships like the Defiant and Prometheus classes. She and her crew will need every advantage they can find as they deal with alien plagues, 'rogue' warships, and ancient artifacts that far predate the arrival of any of the current inhabitants.

In command is Ashton Griffith, a newly promoted captain who knows from painful first-hand experience just how dangerous this region of space can be. At his side are some of the best officers in Starfleet. Do you have what it takes to join them?

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