USS Minoru

Mission Listing

Mission One: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (Truth / Hawass)

USS Minoru rushes to answer a distress call from the colony of New Liberty. The message is short and uninformative, but one thing is clear: the planet has been invaded by a hostile force set on destroying the colony and its people. Upon arriving, however, the crew finds the colonists, a visiting archaelogical expedition, and no invaders of any kind. Soon it becomes clear that the claims of 'invasion' are exaggerated, although the possibility of violence between the colonists and archaeologists seems increasingly high. As the only neutral party and representative of Federation law within a dozen light-years, Minoru must try to settle the dispute without resorting to a photon torpedo, no matter how tempting it might be. Meanwhile, there's also the questions of who built the mysterious crystal pyramind near the colony, why is it emitting a constant radio signal, and what else might be lurking beneath the surface?

Mission Two: Dig Deeply (Reality / Graf Spee)

While patrolling near the Typhon Expanse, Minoru stumbles across two strange mirror-finish spheres in deep space. Close sensor scans show that the spheres are actually bubbles of frozen time, similar to fabled stasis boxes, and that inside are two ships of designs never before seen. Can the crew find a way to unlock the stasis bubbles, and if they can, what treasures - or dangers - will they find inside?

Mission Three: Doppleganger (Fidelity / Schrodinger)

Mission Four: Ants Go Marching (Truth / Donisthrope)


A Romulan border colony sends a faint distress call and the crew of the Minoru must decide whether to respond and risk causing a diplomatic incident. A search for a missing ship reveals at least one reason so many vessels go missing in the Typhon Expanse. A stupendously large generation ship appears from intergalactic space and declares its intent to cleanse "their" chosen world of the millions of ape-descended pests on it - once they've exterminated the other inhabitants of the ship, that is.

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