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Crew Biography -

Vital Information

Name: Minerva Conway
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Ship's Counselor
Age: 83
Gender: Female
Species: Human/El-Aurian hybrid

Physical Description

Minerva is rather tall and solidly built, with a pleasant face. She takes care to maintain a neat and professional appearance at all times, and usually wears her dark brown hair in a simple coiled braid at the nape of her neck. Her eyes are also dark brown.


Minerva is a natural introvert. She is usually quiet and serious, but her dry and sometimes playful sense of humor makes more of an appearance with people she knows well. She is kind and polite by default, but is careful of making lasting attachments, as she has already learned how painful it is to outlive friends and family. When necessary, she is very capable of being blunt, and will do or say what is necessary but no one else is willing to do. Her creative side is usually displayed in her hobbies, and her concern for those around her is obvious in the care she takes in her work. Her decades of experience in working with college students means that she is not easily fooled- or impressed.


Born in 2303 to Margaret Conway, Minerva is 83 when she first steps aboard the USS Minoru. Her father was an El-Aurian that her mother had a brief affair with while traveling for her graduate program in xeno-anthropology. Margaret did contact him when she discovered she was pregnant, but he had no interest in being a parent, so she raised Minerva with the help of her own parents, Erik and Jane. Minerva grew up in a small, sheltered college town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, and her mother eventually became Head of the Anthropology Department at the college. Minerva aged at a rate very similar to her human classmates until she reached her late twenties, when she just seemed to stop, and consultations with various doctors over the years has led her to expect to live about three hundred years. When Minerva was 19, Margaret married her long-term lover Erin, who was an astrophysics professor, and their marriage was very happy until Margaret died when Minerva was 68. Minerva and Erin had always gotten along very well, and in the last few months of her life, Erin moved in with Minerva, until she also died when Minerva was 74.

Minerva's undergraduate degree was in psychology, and she quickly followed it with a master's and doctorate. Her dissertation discussed how enclosed environments- like spaceships- effect an individual's consciousness over the long-term. After her doctorate, she began to teach at the college her mother and Erin worked at, and occasionally audited classes in other related disciplines- sociology, philosophy, literature, history, and anthropology (though never her mother's classes) when she had time. She enjoyed the academic life and maintained close ties with many of her favorite students after they graduated- several of whom went into Starfleet. She also volunteered in the college's counseling center, helping troubled students, whenever she could.

Minerva was 64 when the Battle of Wolf 359 claimed the lives of three of her former students - two Ship's Counselors and one specialist in xeno-psychology. It was a major blow that came at an especially bad time - her mother was beginning to decline and several of Minerva's favorite professors had recently died or were dying. She was realizing how much her extended lifespan would effect her, as she would outlive so many people she cared about. This sparked an interest in a change of scene from the town she'd lived in nearly all her life, and she began to think about entering Starfleet herself. She considered her options for a few years, and then began to update her counseling credentials and audited several classes she thought would come in handy down the line. She also joined a local soccer league to get into shape. The semester after Erin died, she resigned her position at the college and entered Starfleet Academy.

She had a little trouble adapting to Academy life at first - being so much older than most of her classmates, not being much interested in partying, and it was difficult to remember how to take a class for a grade again. But she enjoyed learning how to pilot shuttlecraft much more than she'd expected to, and found her self-defense classes much easier than she'd thought they would be. After graduating, Starfleet initially assigned her as a Counselor at the Academy, given her years of experience with counseling students, but she continued to request a transfer to a ship, and that request was finally granted after four years there. The USS Minoru is her first ship assignment, and she is very much looking forward to it. In her off hours, she enjoys several fabric crafts and adapting classical Earth literature into holonovels- she is currently working on a children's series from the early twenty-first century about a paranormal school. She also maintains extensive private journals.

Service Record

  • 2378 - Cadet - Starfleet Academy
  • 2382 - Lieutenant (j.g.) - Counselor, Starfleet Academy
  • 2386 - Lietuenant - Chief Counselor, USS Minoru NCC-64306 (Akira-class)
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