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Crew Biography - Marcus Niveda

Vital Information

Name: Marcus Niveda
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Operations Officer
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs

Physical Description

Marcus stands 6'1" tall and weights 180lbs. His hair is raven black which he wears short, his eyes are a hazel green and his skin is the olive tone typical of those with Indian heritage. Marcus maintains a chiseled figure through a rigorous workout routine, while not concerned with the appearance that has resulted he stays in shape for the physical rigors of engineering.


Marcus is reserved and often times mistaken for being shy. In truth he is a deeply introspective individual who's emotions and endless consideration tend to get in the way of his outward demeanor.

Observant and detail oriented, not much escapes Marcus' attention but as an Autistic he can sometimes be prone to lapses in awareness, especially after being separated from his wife who doubles as his therapist for long durations of time.

On a professional level, Marcus has made his work and service career his life, spending long hours in his office and taking on extra work loads to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner.

On a personal level Marcus chooses to associate himself with a select few, partially out of a fear of rejection but mostly due to his sensitivity to the emotions of others. As a Human Empath Marcus has innate abilities similar to those of the Betazoid species but with far less control. As a result, he finds it difficult to interact with most people while outside of a professional environment.

Personal Information

  • Father: Deepak Niveda (deceased)
  • Mother: Allison Niveda (deceased)
  • Wife: Adara Niveda (Formerly Rae)


Marcus was born January 12th 2361 at Utopia Planita, Mars to Deepak Niveda and his wife Allison (Hightower), both Engineers stationed at the orbital Fleet Yards.

Until the age of six Marcus was raised mostly in the care of the colonies daycare facilities as his parents were both involved in multiple Starship design projects that consumed most of their time.

The daycare facility was staffed by dedicated individuals who ensured that all of the children under their care received abundant attention, as a result Marcus received a head start on his schooling.

In 2367 the Nivedas relocated to Earth and young Marcus got his first look at the Human home world and entered regular grammar school in southern India, the native land of his father.

By age eight Marcus had been placed a grade ahead of his peers and excelled in his studies but his parents grew concerned that he was pushing himself too hard. The boy spent little time outside and had not formed any friendships instead dedicating himself to reading all of the material that he could get his hands on. At age ten his parents had noticed a marked change in Marcus, he had become withdrawn and it too great effort to draw responses to their questioning. Concerned, the Nivedas took Marcus to their family practitioner where he was diagnosed autistic.

Human medicine for all its advancement still had not come up with a definite solution to Autism and months of therapy had produced no discernible improvement in Marcus' condition. Both being dedicated Starfleet officers the time that Marcus' condition had demanded of his parents was beginning to cause a fracture in their relationship. When at their ropes end two years later the Nivedas were payed a visit by a Betazoid physician named Odelia Tryce who had heard of their situation through friends of the family. After one session of psionic therapy Marcus had been drawn out of his introverted state and actually maintained a brief conversation with his parents where he shared with them some of the things that he had recently learned. The boys parents hadn't heard their sons voice in over two years and were brought to tears by the emotional magnitude of the episode. Odelia informed them that Marcus was a 'sensitive' and a savant, possessing rare human telepathic abilities that having been untrained hampered the rest of his mental development . A short time later the Nivedas sent Marcus away with Odelia to her home world where the boy would be surrounded by those who he could communicate with.

From age eleven on Marcus was raised by his adoptive 'god mother' on Betazed where through constant contact with the alien species he would become astonishingly extroverted. By age thirteen Marcus had made great leaps toward becoming functional but his progress was temporarily halted when he learned that both of his parents had been killed while on duty aboard the USS Honshu (NCC-60205). The ship had been destroyed while carrying VIPs and his parents had died while doing damage control during the attack.

A couple of months later Marcus was still in the process of grieving when events on Betazed took a turn for the worst as the Dominion arrived and began a full scale invasion. Marcus had never seen combat and was caught unprepared along with most of the planets inhabitants. During the chaos of the initial invasion Marcus was separated from Odelia and neither managed to make it to evacuation craft.

Within 48 hours of the Dominions arrival Marcus had been captured and placed in an internment camp along with thousands of other Humans, segregated from the planets indigenous population. After several weeks living in the camps squalid conditions Marcus was picked out of the crowd by a Vorta woman named Valis who took the adolescent as a pupil.

Marcus spent two years in service to Valis, waiting on her and begrudgingly completing the tasks that were presented to him. After a time he had garnered a small level of trust by playing along with the Vortas indoctrination techniques, leading Valis to believe that she had 'converted' him. Marcus used this small amount of leniency to sneak extra rations to prisoners still suffering in the camps and tending to injured Betazoids while they worked on the Dominions new orbital cloning facility. It was during this time that Marcus met is future wife Adara Rae, a Betazoid girl a few years his senior who was serving another Vorta in a similar capacity. Marcus and Adara spent what little time they could together and eventually the pair began working together in the 'relief effort' that Marcus had been conducting. After months of this going on Adara had been caught sneaking medical supplies into a camp and disappeared, devastating Marcus for her presumed her dead.

After what seemed like an eternity the Dominion began to withdraw, Betazoid resistance fighters coupled with a liberation fleet in orbit managed to beat the invaders back and at last the occupation came to an end. A few months later and shortly after his sixteenth birthday Marcus discovered that Adara had not been killed but their reunion was bittersweet. In tears, she explained to him that Odelia had died from a simple infection only a couple weeks before the Dominion withdrew from Betazed.

Having become a young man Marcus was no longer in need of a guardian and though only sixteen went to work assisting with the reconstruction efforts. He and Adara who had also lost her family shared a small apartment and before long became lovers.

After a year working with Starfleet and local engineers Marcus had earned himself a reputation for being very methodical and skilled at construction. His overseer, a Bolian Engineer encouraged him to apply with the Academy on Earth, the fleet had lost so many personnel and 'he was the sort that they needed'. Marcus spent a great deal of time in consideration of the proposal and after conferring with Adara the pair decided that a move would be good for both of them.

At age seventeen Marcus and Adara had relocated to Earth and settled into a small house in Mt. Shasta California. His application to Starfleet academy had been accepted and he began his education there a few months after arriving on Earth. Marcus' Autism hadn't completely dissipated but he had achieved a level of functionality well beyond what his parents could have hoped for, a point reaffirmed by his paternal grandmother who payed him a visit shortly after he arrived at the Academy.

He found over the next few months that the more time he spent away from Adara the more withdrawn he became and after consulting with the physicians at the academy he was granted leave from the campus twice a week to be with her.

Marcus' life at the academy was truly happy and productive, perhaps for the first time in his brief adult life. After his first year he chose to specialize in Starship design and Orbital engineering with emphasis in warp field mechanics. His parents had both received numerous commendations for their work on the Nebula and Galaxy classes and Marcus believed that he could honor them by doing better.

After six years, at the age of twenty three he graduated with honors, while not at the top of his class he was close.

His first assignment right out of the academy in 2384 was to the starship rebuild unit at Utopia Planita where he was given a field promotion to Lieutenant JG. for his extended education.

Adara on the other hand had settled into her life on the ranch in Mt. Shasta and had started raising Horses. After a long heated discussion the couple decided that at least for the moment they would have to remain apart. After all, they wouldn't be too far removed and Marcus would still be allowed time to return to Adara while assigned to the fleet yards.

In early 2385 Marcus was promoted to full Lieutenant and advanced to the Foreman position placing him in charge of nearly half of the fleetyard's drydock facilities. Though not a hands on Engineering position as Marcus preferred his superiors had determined that Marcus posessed a natural aptitude for project management and his memory of numbers allowed him to excel at resource allocation.

In the month following his promotion Marcus to a brief leave to spend time with Adara on the ranch. The couple found that they were more in love than ever and having been together for more than five years decided it was finally time to be married. The marriage took place at the ranch in Mt. Shasta and was attended by a small number of friends and by Marcus' grand parents from India and Maine.

From mid 2385 until early 2386 Marcus continued serving at Utopia Planita and oversaw the completion of two large projects. He had become satisfied with his career and was looking forward to potentially earning a place on the starship design team but his superiors had other plans in mind.

In April of 2386 Marcus was notified that he was being reassigned to the USS Minoru as a member of the ships senior staff. The fleet was short on qualified personnel for the Ops position and his record was among the most exemplary in the division, particularly for such a young officer.

Marcus filed an objection to the transfer citing his success at the fleetyards as reason for refusal but it did little good. Reluctantly Marcus was forced to accept the transfer and begin his preparations for departure.

Service Record

  • 2378-2384 - Starfleet Academy
  • 2384-2385 (Lieutenant JG.)- Journeyman - Utopia Planita Starship Rebuild Unit
  • 2385-2386 (Lieutenant) - Foreman - Utopia Planita Starship Rebuild Unit
  • 2386-Present (Lieutenant Commander) - Operations Officer - USS Minoru NCC-64306 (Akira-class)
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