USS Minoru

Deck Listing: USS Minoru NCC-64306, Akira-class

Notes: Sub-decks A-C are located in the weapons pod. Decks 1-2 are purely within the catamaran hulls.

Deck Description
A Sub-deck A: Torpedo Launchers and Loading Mechanism (4 Fore, 4 Aft)
B Sub-deck B: Torpedo Storage
C Sub-deck C: Torpedo Maintenance and Assembly, Targetting Sensors
1 Deck 1: Lateral Sensor Arrays, Subspace Communications Arrays, Emergency Batteries
2 Deck 2: Crew Quarters, Waste Reclamation Systems, Environmental Control (Life Support, Gravity Control), Main Impulse Engines & Fusion Reactors
3 Deck 3: Bridge, Observation Lounge, Captain's Ready Room, Escape Pods, Crew Quarters, Main Impulse Engines & Fusion Reactors
4 Deck 4: Senior Officer Quarters, Junior Officer Quarters, XO’s Office, VIP Quarters, Transporter Room 1, Escape Pods, Deuterium Tanks
5 Deck 5: Crew Quarters, Departmental Offices (CFCO, COO, CIO, CDO, CCO), Mess Hall, Crew Lounge, Deuterium Tanks and Injectors, Holodeck 1
6 Deck 6: Warp Core, Science Labs, CScO Office, Research Labs, Stellar Cartography, Medical Labs, Main Sickbay, CMO Office, Crew Quarters
7 Deck 7: Warp Core, CSTO Office, Armoury 1, Brig, Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays 1 & 2
8 Deck 8: Warp Core, Crew Quarters, Torpedo Storage and Launchers (2 Port and 2 Starboard), Transporter Room 2 & 3, Holodecks 2 and 3
9 Deck 9: Warp Core, Main Engineering (Upper), Main Computer Core, Computer Core Maintenance Access, Engineering Labs, CEO Office, Engineering Component Storage, Main Shuttlebay (Upper Level), Shuttle Flight Control Center, Crew Quarters
10 Deck 10: Warp Core, Main Engineering (Lower), Main Computer Core, Docking Ports, Secondary Impulse Engines, Main Shuttlebay (Lower Level), Pilots' Briefing Room
11 Deck 11: Warp Core, Main Computer Core, Cargo Bay 3 & 4 (Upper), Workbee Storage, Shuttle Maintenance, Crew Quarters, Aft Tractor Emitter
12 Deck 12: Warp Core, Main Computer Core, Cargo Bay 3 & 4 (Lower), Sensor array, Communications Array, Gym, Ships Library, Hydroponics Bay
13 Deck 13: Warp Core, Marine Quarters, Marine Briefing Room, Marine CO Office, Armoury 2, Torpedo/Probe Storage and Launchers (3 Fore)
14 Deck 14: Warp Core, Navigational Deflector, Auxiliary Computer Core, Auxiliary Control Center, Cargo Bay 5, Marine Quarters, Brig 2, Mess hall, Holodeck 4
15 Deck 15: Antimatter Storage Pods, Antimatter Injection Assembly, Navigational Deflector, Deflector Control, Shield Generators, Docking Port
16 Deck 16: Core Ejection Mechanism, Antimatter Generator & Fill Port, Main Tractor Beam Assembly

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