USS Minoru

Personal Equipment

Personal Weapons

Type 1 Phaser Hand Phaser - Also known as the "cricket" phaser because of its size, the Type 1 phaser is the smallest personal weapon currently used by Starfleet. It fits inside the palm of the hand and can be concealed easily, making it useful for covert or diplomatic missions where overt weaponry is counterproductive. However, the weapon is limited compared to other phasers, with only eight power settings, limited beam adjustment controls, shorter range, and a significantly reduced energy capacity. Because modern phaser pistols are already lightweight and relatively small, Type 1 phasers are only used in unusual circumstances and most ships carry only a limited number on hand.

Phaser 1

Type 2 Hand Phaser - The standard sidearm used by Starfleet, the Phaser II is as much a tool as it is a weapon. It has sixteen power settings ranging from mild stun to large-scale explosive disintegration. The common pre-set settings are stun, heat, kill, and vaporize, with manual setting adjustment used to fine-tune the applied power. The phaser also has adjustable beam width. The phaser has a limited auto-tracking system that helps the user aim. In most situations a Type II is more than sufficient firepower for personal defense and is typically carried on away missions and by security personnel. While aboard the ship, a safety interlock limits phaser power to levels that cannot puncture the hull, unless this is overridden by a senior officer.

Phaser 2 Phaser 2

Type 3 Phaser Rifle - The standard phaser rifle is a relatively older model, having been introduced in the 2260s, but remains popular. They have the same sixteen power settings as a Type 2 phaser, but the other features are greatly superior. Effective range is longer, the power cells are much larger allowing for more shots per cell, the targetting sensors can lock on to multiple targets, and the rifle is gyro-stabilized. It even works as a decent club in a pinch. Originally phaser rifles were meant for only limited use, but the Borg and Dominion threats quickly showed that they were needed far more often. While newer models of compression phaser rifles have been introduced, the standard Type 3 is still in service and is popular because of its smaller size and greater versatility in terms of beam settings. It is most commonly used by non-security personnel or when close-quarters combat is expected. It has all of the beam adjustment settings, including pulse and wide-beam modes.

Phaser 3b

Type 3-c Phaser Rifle - The pulse compression phaser rifle is the other rifle carried on Minoru. It was originally intended for the Marines, but is popular with other security personnel because of its ease of use. It is capable of only pulse-fire mode and there are less default power settings, although the top setting is the same strength. However, it has longer range and gets a few more shots out per power cell, and is easier to maintain in the field. There are some specialist variations meant for purposes such as sniping or use in space.

Phaser 3c

Type 4-b Phaser Cannon - This is a portable phaser cannon, of the same type used by shuttlecraft but with an attached power source. It can also accept power transmitted from a ship or other facility. It is rarely deployed because it is not easily mobile, but was re-developed during the brief Klingon-Federation Conflict and used in the Dominion War, when it was shown that units could not always rely on air support from starships or fighters. Minoru carries two in disassembled form, and can easily create more using spare emitters from shuttlecraft.

Tetryon Pulse Launcher - A man-portable anti-personnel and anti-armor weapon. It is primarily used against vehicles in situations where a standard phaser is insufficient to penetrate armor or shielding.

Tetryon Pulse Launcher />
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Stun / Pulse Grenades - These devices are used against groups of enemies or in situations where there is not a direct line of site. Similar to phasers, they have stun, kill, and explosive settings. Some models have variable time delays and even motion sensors.

Photon Grenade & Mortar - This is a powerful infantry support weapon. A photon grenade is a powerful explosive able to affect an area over a hundred meters in diameter. The mortar is used to launch these grenades to distances up to several kilometers. Minoru normally carries two mortars, plus a stock of forty grenades, and is capable of replicating more.

Other Equipment

Combadge - The standard communications badge that is part of all Starfleet uniforms. It is a long-range subspace communicator with a range of several thousand kilometers, or longer when paired with the more sensitive and power transciever aboard a starship. They automatically network with the ship’s communications system, allowing easy contact with anyone else aboard using voice commands.

Tricorder - A ubiquitous hand-held sensor device. Most tricorders are multi-function, but there exist specialised versions for medical, engineering, and a variety of scientific purposes. Tricorders have built-in communications systems that allow them to connect to the ship’s computer. In an emergency this means they can function as a backup communicator, but the range is much less than a standard combadge.

Anti-grav Unit - A variety of devices ranging from hand-held units to large sleds are used to lighten and move objects about the ship or planets.

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