USS Minoru

Auxiliary Craft

Danube-class Runabout

Names: Shinano, Tone

The Danube-class runabout is essentially a miniature starship. They have a fairly high sustainable warp speed for such a small craft, decent defenses, and good sensors. They can be outfitted with mission modules to improve their capabilities, including cargo bays, bulk seating, labs, living areas for the crew, and more. There are also rollbar pods that can be attached for further customization. Standard crew is between 2 to 4, with up to twenty passengers (forty in emergencies) depending on internal arrangement.


Talon-class Scout

Name: Karasu

The Talon-class is a scout runabout. It trades versatility for improved speed and weapons. It has a crew of 2 and can carry eight passengers.The class is designed for stealth, and beyond normal emissions control can be equipped with a cloaking device, although most do not have one.


Avro Hopper

Names: Almond, Areca, Cashew, Macademia

Hoppers are large transports primarily used by the Marines for boarding and planetary landings. They have a crew of two and carry thirty passengers as a standard load. They can carry more in emergencies, as well as heavy cargo if seating is removed. They have Type V phasers and ablative armor. They are relatively fast at sublight speeds, but have a low top warp velocity.


Type 11 Shuttle

Names: Satsuma

The Type 11 shuttle is one of the largest currently in service. It is designed for fast, relatively long-distance travel. It has a crew of 1-2 and carries ten passengers in reasonable comfort.

Type 11

Type 9 Shuttle

Names: Iyokan, Nashi, Sudachi, Setoka

The Type 9 was designed to be a small, fast, and easily replaceable shuttle. In fact, it is designed so that even smaller starships can replicate most of the parts and assemble them. It carries a crew of 1-2 plus two passengers or a moderate amount of cargo. While it has a high speed, it is not designed with long journeys in mind, as reflected by the lack of privacy. It is mostly used for scouting or transporting small parties between ships, stations, or planets within a few hours of travel.

Type 9


Workbees are small, one-man utility craft used for making repairs to the ship, moving cargo through space, and a variety of other tasks.


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